Friday, February 19, 2016

What's in the Box?!?: Kitnip Box and Marvel Collectors Corps subscription boxes

My wife and I aren't the only ones in the house who receive subscription boxes. Our cats also have their own subscription to the Kitnip Box, a monthly box full of cat toys and treats. (Okay, technically, the subscription is in Rumplestilskin's name, but all three cats share the spoils.) Since my subscription box round-up post turned out to be pretty popular, I thought you folks might be interested in what came in this month's Kitnip box.

Open opening, you can see that everything is packaged nicely in tissue paper, with a nice card summing up this month's theme. 

On the back of the card, we get a detailed list of this month's box contents.

Once we've broken the seal on the wrapping, you can see the treasure trove that is this month's haul. Normally, by the time I've gotten this far, Morticia has scented whatever catnip toys are in the box and has jumped up on the table to see what's what. This month, for whatever reason, she decided to let me look through the box on my own. (At least at first.)

The first toy out of the box was the Multipet Cat Toy. These little catnip pouches look like wrapped candies, which our cats always pounce upon when we have them in the house. To be honest, I'm not sure what makes these "multipet," except maybe the fact that there are two of them in the pack? The cats didn't get immediately excited by these, but the next day, I found that one had been carried or knocked across the room.

Next came the catnip beer bottle. Sadly, this is the perfect toy for our household, allowing our cats to imitate the behavior of their humans. (Kidding! We're not that heavy drinkers. Honest.) In general, Rumplestilskin seems to prefer these slightly larger toys, because he is able to grab hold of them and wrestle with them.

The next toy was the Feather Tickler Cat Toy. This one immediately held Gizmo's attention. He's a sucker for cat dancers. This one is basically a short wand with some feathers at the end of it. He found it fascinating. However, the wand is actually a little shorter than his reach, so at one point, while swiping at it, he clawed at my hand by accident. If we are going to play with this toy, I will definitely need to pay attention to make sure I don't get caught again. (It looks like the ribbon wrapped around the stick is just decorative, but I may need to reexamine it more closely to see if it's actually a ribbon to dangle the feathers off of.)

Following the feather tickler came the catnip chocolate bar. Again, as with the beer bottle, it may be a mistake letting our cats play with toys that so closely resemble things we eat and drink on a regular basis, but it's cute. 

I thought Gizmo would really be interested in the Mouse in Ball toy. He chases after it when I throw it, but I expected it to hold his attention longer than it has to date. Maybe he plays with it more when nobody is watching it, or maybe it's just a little too big for him. 

As I unpacked, Gizmo did show some interest in the Mint Ring, a chew toy ostensibly designed to freshen the cats' breath. I've not seen anyone chewing on it yet, though. I may need to get a bit proactive when it comes to playing with it, and see if they are more likely to chew on it if I'm helping them wrestle with it.

Finally, we got a bag of natural beef lung cat treats. We haven't opened this one up yet. My prediction is that Gizmo and Morticia will gobble them up, and Rumplestilskin will sniff at them and walk away. Obviously, I can't evaluate their flavor, but Gizmo and Morticia show no discrimination whatsoever when it comes to food, and Rumplestilskin tends not to like soft foods. So I'm more interested in the fact that they are supposedly all natural.

Overall, I thought this month's selection of toys were a lot of fun. As usual, some toys hold our cats' attention more than others, but there's always enough successes every month to justify continuing to get the box. If nothing else, Rumplestilskin got to relax with a cold beer, and that makes it all worth it.

I also received the new Marvel Collectors Corps box this week, featuring Deadpool. If I’m honest, Deadpool isn’t a character I’ve ever really connected with. But getting a subscription box means taking a chance, and while he may not be a favorite, I still got some cool stuff.

As usual, as soon as I opened the box, I saw this month’s collectible patch and pin. I wear the pins on my ID badge lanyard at work, and it makes me smile when kids recognize the characters when they see them. 

I haven’t done anything with any of the patches yet. Maybe I need to buy some kind of plain sweatshirt or jacket to sew them onto.

The next item to be revealed was this month’s t-shirt. As with the Smuggler’s Bounty, I get a kick out of these shirts featuring the Funko Pop versions of the characters. This is another cute one to add to the collection.

Next came the first issue of the latest Deadpool series, with an exclusive Collectors Corps cover. So adorable!

Speaking of adorable, I also received a push Deadpool Mopeez. It’s got a Collectors Corps tag on it, so I assume this is a Collectors Corps exclusive color scheme.

After that came the exclusive Deadpool Dorbz toy, featuring Cowboy Deadpool.

Finally, came this month’s exclusive Funko Pop, a leaping Deadpool. While I may not love the character, I love the leaping pose and transparent stand he’s on. It makes a nice change from the standard Pop pose.

The next Collectors Corps theme is Civil War, and I’m looking forward to that more than I was the Deadpool box. Still, I got some nice toys and a nice pin, and by subscribing to Collectors Corps for a year in advance, I knew I wasn’t always going to get all my favorite characters. I’m still happy to have these, and maybe this issue of Deadpool will be the one to win me over. Who knows?

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