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What's in the Box?!?: July Nerd Block, Gentleman's Box, and Marvel Collector Corps

Welcome back! First, some housekeeping: I think I’m going to change my posting day from Friday mornings to Saturdays. it’s a little easier for me to try to get something written for Saturday, rather than Friday. So, keep an eye out for new stuff on Saturday mornings for the foreseeable future.

Now: onto this month’s subscription boxes!

First up is the June Nerd Block. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of the outside of the box this month, because it is exactly the same as it is every month. Besides, it’s the contents that matter.

I had thought this month’s theme was Ghostbusters, but I can’t find the preview card from last month to confirm that. I’m not sure, because this month is kind of a mixed bag.

One Ghostbusters item that was included is a Nerd Block exclusive paperback edition of Tobin’s Spirit Guide. Unfortunately, I already own a copy of this in hardcover. I love “in universe” tie-in books, and this one is written by Eric Burnham, who writes the fabulous Ghostbusters comic for IDW. The only difference I can see is that this is a paperback with a green cover, instead of a red one. Still, if I hadn’t been such a Ghostbusters nerd to have already purchased the book, it would have been pretty cool. (It is still pretty cool, but a little less exciting than it might otherwise have been.)

The T-shirt this month is an exclusive Legend of Zelda shirt from Shirtpunch. I’ve never played the game, but I like the design. It’s subtle(ish), which makes a nice change.

Yet another exclusive is a Game of Thrones coin. Apparently, it is a copper star, minted by Robb Stark when he was King of the North. So probably worthless now, except on the Westeros collectible coin market.

The final exclusive is a bit obscure. It’s the treasure map from the Goonies. I love that movie, but I had to look at the information card to figure out what it is. It’s neat, and nicely designed and produced, but I’m not sure how to display it. Or maybe I just need to hang onto it until I can hunt for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure.

While not an exclusive, the Groot Dorbz figure is adorable. I love Groot, I love the Dorbz line, so this was a nice item to get.

Finally, I got a Harry Potter Gryffindor bookmark. I love nice bookmarks, and give my wife a hard time for just folding the corners of the pages down in her books. This one looks pretty sturdy, but also pretty ornate. Definitely one for books I’m reading at home, not for traveling.

Next month’s preview card promises items from Suicide Squad, Attack on Titan, and Transformers. I’m not particularly excited about any of those properties, but we’ll see what I actually get in the box before I pass judgement.

June’s Gentleman’s Box was a little uninspiring, I have to say. At least the box and packaging are—as usual—classier than Nerd Block.

This month’s inspiration is Our Favorite Father Figures, in honor of Father’s Day.

This month featured a matching necktie and pair of socks. The tie is from Something Strong, and it’s 100% cotton. This design is an exclusive for Gentleman’s Box. It’s the only green tie I have, so I have to figure out what it goes with. It’s pretty, although not a color I would have chosen for myself.

The socks, from Sock Fancy, feature similar colors and pattern to the tie. As regular readers know, I used to have a Sock Fancy subscription, but I canceled it because I eventually had plenty of socks, and was getting more every month from Gentleman’s Box. So it’s ironic that this month’s pair is from Sock Fancy. It’s like they are following me!

The box also included a razor from Harry’s Razor. I use an electric razor my wife gave me, so this one is of little use to me. I’m passing it onto my wife, at her request, to use on her legs.

More useful is the wooden tie clip from Woodchuck USA. A couple of months ago, Gentleman’s Box included a set of wooden collar stays from them, which I really liked until they broke. This tie clip seems much more sturdy. (It should; the box says it’s a $30 value.)

Finally, the box included a pair of LA Fresh sunscreen wipes. They are 30 SPF. We’ve got a trip coming up, so I may give these a try.

The final box I received this month was the Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power box. I’ve always been a bigger fan of female heroes than male ones, so I was really excited about this month’s theme. And I was not disappointed!

Immediately inside the lid of the cool Spider-Gwen box, as usual, were this month’s pin and patch. This time, we got a Spider-Woman pin and a Ms Marvel patch. I’m a huge fan of both their comics, so that was exciting. The information card for the box said that they had initially intended to produce a patch of the classic Carol Danvers Ms Marvel—presumably in her “classic” sans pants costume—but Marvel wanted them to feature Kamala Khan as Ms Marvel. I’m glad to see Ms Marvel represented in the box somehow, but wish it had been more than just a patch! Oh, well.

Once I opened the box proper, it was clear what this month’s T-shirt was: Spider-Gwen! That’s a comic I enjoy, and it’s a really well-designed character (and a nicely designed shirt) so I’m happy to add that to the collection.

This month’s exclusive comic is a Funko Pop! cover of Civil War II #1. It’s so cute!

Equally cute are the two mini-bobbleheads in the box this month: She-Hulk and Captain Marvel! As a longtime fan of She-Hulk, dating back to her membership in the Avengers and Fantastic Four, I’m glad to have her in the collection. I’m a more recent fan of Carol Danvers, but I’m really enjoying her current role as Captain Marvel, and can’t wait to see her movie debut. I love the bolts of energy around Captain Marvel’s fists, but I really love the expressions on these figures. Clearly, some thought went into the designs.

The final item in this month’s box is the exclusive Pop! figure, and it’s a doozy! How excited am I that we live in a world where a Squirrel Girl Pop! exists! We love the Squirrel Girl comic, and this figure is perfect, right down to the acorn earrings and the little Tippy Toe sidekick. The info card says that the Tippy Toe figure is one of the smallest bobbleheads they’ve ever produced.

Next month's theme is Spider-Man, so that should be pretty neat.

For me, the big winner in the subscription box arena this month was clearly Marvel Collector Corps. But the other boxes had some cool stuff too, so overall, I’m pretty satisfied.

Coming soon: the July Star Wars Smugglers Bounty box! Stay tuned!

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