Sunday, May 14, 2017

What's in the Box?!? May Funko DC Legion of Collectors

While we have been enjoying the Funko subscription boxes Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, Marvel Collector Corps, and the new Disney Treasures, my wife and I had been holding off on subscribing to the DC Legion of Collectors box. I used to be a huge DC Comics fan, but my interest in their books has dropped sharply in recent years, for a number of reasons. Plus, most of their movies do not interest us, so when Funko puts out a box featuring characters from the Suicide Squad or Superman vs Batman movies, we know it’s going to a box chock full of stuff we probably don’t want.

However, when we watched the unboxing video for the March Superman box, it all looked pretty cool. And we do watch the DC TV shows. Plus, one DC movie we are excited about is the Wonder Woman movie. Unlike the other DC movies to date, the trailers show Wonder Woman fighting bad guys, not other heroes, they show characters making jokes and smiling, and there are even scenes that appear to take place during the day and without any rain. My wife loves Wonder Woman as a character, so we took the plunge and ordered this box. Here’s what we found inside.

The artwork inside the box is nice, but not as diverse as last month's Guardians box.

As usual, upon opening the box lid, we saw this month’s patch and pin. 

The pin is a nice representation of Wonder Woman’s logo, along with the Legion of Collector’s logo.

The patch features Wonder Woman’s angry-looking eyes staring straight out. I particularly like the use of color to pick out the detail on her face.

Opening the box proper, we see the insert card heralding next box’s theme: Batman: The Animated Series! I love that show, so I’m really looking forward to this box. So I guess we are now subscribing to all four Funko boxes. The reverse side of the card features this box’s contents, so I will show that at the end of this blog.

As usual, all the items are exclusive to this box.

The first thing we saw upon opening the box was a pair of Funko Pop! Wonder Woman socks. I really like the socks that came with one of my Smuggler’s Bounty boxes, and we like the design of these. I really like the stars on the feet. I’ve heard online complaints about the socks being too small, but my wife hasn’t tried them on, so we can’t address that. 

This box came with two exclusive Pops. The first, which Funko had already revealed, was Wonder Woman herself, from the movie, using her golden lasso. I like the pose, I like the detail of the sculpt, and I’m really hoping that Gal Gadot lives up to my expectations when we finally get to see the movie.

The second Pop is Dr Maru, who appears to be the villain of the movie (or at least one of them). According to the information card, “Having earned the nickname “Dr Poison,” Dr Isabel Maru is a controversial chemist developing a mysterious new chemical weapon. She takes great joy in her work—and in the death it causes.”

I can’t comment on their choice of this character, since I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know anything about her one way or the other. Half the character’s face is covered in some sort of mask, so that adds some visual interest to the figure.

The final item in the box is a Wonder Woman Pint Size Hero. The Pint Size Heroes may be my new favorite line from Funko. They are really cute, like Dorbz, but smaller, so they take up less space and cost less. They are also super-detailed, as you can see from the picture of the Wonder Woman figure. If I’m feeling anxious, I can take one along with me, and nobody else has to know I’ve got Captain America or Spider-Man with me, keeping me safe. Unfortunately (for me) they are sold in blind bags, and I’ve gotten more than a couple of duplicates trying to collect the Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 sets. My wife only really collects the Steven Universe Pint Size Heroes, but she was really excited to receive this one.

Here is the side of the card describing the contents.

We thought this box lived up to the high standards Funko has set with their other subscription boxes. We’re going to stick with it. Even if we end up with some boxes based around movies that we are less enthusiastic about, we figure the bulk of the boxes will feature characters and themes that we enjoy, and it will all ultimately be worth it.

No Pop of the Week this week, because I’ve featured the Pops from the box. I do have an update about the Swords of the Swashbucklers Kickstarter I promoted last week. They managed to reach the stretch goal that will allow them to produce new Swords of the Swashbucklers comics. So I’m pretty excited about that!

The next Kickstarter I would like to mention here is for Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett’s Section Zero. Kesel and Grummett worked together for DC Comics, creating the character of Superboy (Kon-El) in the pages of Adventures of Superman before spinning him off into his own book. In 2000 or so, they created Section Zero, a series very much inspired by classic comics like Challengers of the Unknown and Fantastic Four, as well as more contemporary influences like the X-Files. For three issues, it was one of my favorite comics. Then it ceased publication.

In 2012, Kesel and Grummett revived the series as an online comic, but for various reasons, they weren’t able to complete the story. Now, they are running a Kickstarter campaign to finally complete the story and publish it in a single volume. They’ve been waiting 17 years to finish this story. I’ve been waiting 17 years to read it. If you’re a comics reader who wishes comics were full of the widescreen fun and adventure that you remember as a kid, let me assure you, this is the comic you are looking for. So I urge you to back this project, and help Kesel and Grummett finally complete the first Section Zero story, and hopefully pave the way for more.

Happy Mother's Day, and I will see you next week!

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