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What's in the Box?!?: Funko Disney Treasures April 2017

My wife and I both love Disney. And we love Funko. As my regular reader knows, every month (because they ship bi-monthly on opposite months) I look forward to the Marvel Collector Corps box and the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty box from Funko. So when Funko announced Disney Treasures, a new subscription box full of exclusive items, including something from the parks in each box, we couldn’t wait to sign up. 

We recently received the first box, with the theme Pirates Cove. Here’s what’s inside.

(Clearly, spoilers after the jump.)

The box itself is pretty keen, designed to look like a treasure chest. 

It has a Pirates Cove sticker on it, resembling the sort of vintage travel labels that you would see on old trunks. Since we are “Pioneer” subscribers, meaning that we signed up for the whole first year of six boxes right from the start, I wonder if each new box will include the past stickers as well as the current one, indicating how far we’ve traveled? (The box includes a fresh sticker, so you don’t need to keep the box to keep the sticker.)

As you can see, the box is large enough to hold a 12-pound cat.

As usual, when you open the box, the first things you see on the inner panel are the patch and pin. I was so excited, I forgot to take a photo of that panel, showing how the pin and patch are attached.

Regardless, the pin and patch are pretty special, for a couple of reasons. The pin is part of the official Disney Pin Trading programs, and has the official Mickey-shaped pin back. The patch, while cool on its own, will actually fit together with the other five patches from the first year around a mystery seventh patch.

The insides of the Funko boxes are usually pretty cool anyway, but the inside of this box features a map that reveals all 6 themes for this first year. My wife and I have had a lot of fun speculating what might be featured under each theme. Some, like the Haunted Forest and Snowflake Mountain seem more obvious (probably Haunted Mansion and Frozen stuff in those, we guess); others, like Tiny Town, are a little harder to figure out.

Opening the box proper, we see a note from Funko CEO Brian Mariotti welcoming subscribers to the box. This is a nice touch, and not something I remember seeing in either the Marvel or Star Wars boxes.

Underneath that is the insert describing the contents of this box, and revealing the next box’s theme. Unlike the other Funko boxes we get, this is a fold-out oversized sheet of paper, rather than a card. The map from inside the box lid appears again here, as the background on both sides.

(I’ll post the pictures of the insert at the end, after I’ve shown all the items.)

Gizmo is excited to see what's in this box

Aside from the pin and patch, this box contains three items, two of which had been revealed by Funko before the box shipped.

This box’s exclusive Pop! is Smee, from Disney’s Peter Pan. He is adorable. I love his little toes and his little pot belly, but our favorite part might be that his glasses actually have lenses in them, instead of just being open frames.

The Parks item in this box—also revealed early—is a Dorbz Ride of the Wicked Wench Captain and the Pirate Ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This piece is beautifully designed; just check out the detail on the stern of the ship! My favorite bit, though, is the Pop! shaped skull on the skull & crossbones flag. 

The final item in the box is a debut of a new line from Funko: Disney mini tins. From what I gather from their YouTube channel, this is a new way of packaging Mystery Minis, combining the figures with collectible packaging that you can actually use to display your figures. This one featured art from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and had a little Jack Sparrow figure inside. Once again, the detail on the figure is great, especially the beads in his hair and the paint job on his costume.

Here is the insert describing the contents of the box, including Disney Insider facts. According to this, Disney Imagineer X. Atencio, who wrote the dialogue and lyrics for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride also performed the voice of the talking skull before the first waterfall drop on the ride. We hadn’t known that!

Next box’s theme is Festival of Friends, and Funko has already announced that the exclusive Pop! will be Dumbo with Timothy Mouse. The photo of that is super-cute, so we’re already looking forward to it.

(The box also came with a special Pioneer Pin for Pioneer subscribers, but for some reason, I didn’t take a photo of that, and I can’t seem to find it right now. Sigh.)

After only one box, it looks like Funko has another winner on their hands. We are happy with every item that came with this box, and are really looking forward to finding out the meaning behind all the other themes listed on the map. Between the quality of the merchandise, the exclusivity, and our estimation of how much this would all cost if we could buy it individually, we feel like this is a good value for Disney and Funko collectors alike.

No Pop! of the Week this week, because that felt redundant. And now that I'm back after a brief hiatus, I'm going to try to get something up every Sunday morning, instead of Saturdays. See you next week!

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