Friday, March 11, 2016

What's in the box?!?: Gentleman's Box. Nerd Block, and Kitnip Box

Time for another couple of subscription boxes!

February's Gentleman's Box theme is "Our Favorite Dreamer." As usual, they don't name the inspiration for the box, but it is clearly Martin Luther King, Jr, which make sense, since February is Black History Month.

Opening the box, we see the nice booklet laying on top.

Underneath, the contents are neatly sealed behind wrapping paper.

This month included a number of cool items, starting with a pair of socks from a company called DeadSoxy. This particular design is called "The Franklin." I don't know if any of my other pairs of socks have their own names, so that alone helps these stand out. They're pretty, and they feel nice, but I haven't actually worn them yet. However, at this point, we have decided that if I will continue to be getting socks from Gentleman's Box, we can probably let my Sock Fancy subscription lapse. My sock drawer is currently overflowing, and I don't need two additional pairs every month any more.

The next item is the Midnight Sleek Knitted Tie from My Suited Life. I don't believe I own any other knitted ties, and I wasn't sure how easy this would be to tie. I thought the knitting might make it a bit hard to tie smoothly. Fortunately, that wasn't any kind of problem. It's a narrower tie than I would normally choose for myself, but that's part of the point of getting these subscription boxes: I get to try stuff I normally wouldn't wear.

The box also included a Gentleman's Box Silver Tie Bar. I don't normally wear ties, let alone tie clips. That's usually altogether too much trouble for me to deal with. However, this one is sleek, elegant, and easy to use, so I decided to actually not look like a complete slob one day, and secured my tie with this tie bar. I felt so dressed up and adult!

The item that pushed me over the edge and convinced me that I actually wanted to wear a suit one day last week was the Urban Professor La Camille Lapel Flower. This lapel pin is actually sculpted out of black leather. I thought it looked pretty nice on my gray suit jacket, and overall, I felt quite dapper.

The final item included in this month's box: a pair of Dude Wipes. The description says, "The wipes can be used to clean up your face, hands, armpits, and...other things (insert creativity here)." I've not actually had the opportunity to use them yet, so I can't comment on their effectiveness, their scent, or whether or not they make me itch. 

According to the booklet, this month's box contents would retail for $86, and the box is only like $25. Plus you get a subscription to GQ magazine with the box subscription. I feel like I definitely am getting value for my money with this box, plus it helps me look a little classier and feel a little more confident.

The same day, I received this month's Nerd Block box. It doesn't look as classy as the Gentleman's Box on the outside.

Nor is it packaged quite as nicely on the inside. On the other hand, it's chock full of nerd toys, and that's really all I ask of this box.

As you might expect the month that Deadpool was released in theaters, that character features big in the entire nerd community this month. So this month's big item is a Deadpool plush from a company called Bleachers Creatures. While I'm not the biggest Deadpool fan in the world (as I have previously mentioned) it's still a cute toy. Plus, I actually received the "ultra rare" white chase variant of the toy. I'm not sure what that actually means to me, because I'm probably not going to try to sell it or anything, but it makes me feel a little special anyway.

Of course, this month's t-shirt also features Deadpool. So now I can look like I am cool enough to be a fan of one of the hottest comics characters our there, and star of his own hit movie. It's perhaps not as cute as the Funko shirt, but it has its own charms. (I should probably be careful about wearing a shirt that says "Will kill for tacos" if I go to a Mexican restaurant, though.)

Another Nerd Block exclusive this month is the Super Wine Stopper, featuring a mushroom that bears a possibly-not-legally-actionable resemblance to the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers. Whatever. In theory, we can always use more wine stoppers, but more often than not, once we open a bottle of wine, we work through it until it's empty. However, when we do need a wine stopper, we now have this cute one.

I also received a glow-in-the-dark Batman mug. I like Batman, I like things that glow, and we drink coffee, so this will be a nice addition to our mug collection.

The final Nerd Block exclusive this month is an oven mitt that looks like a Nintendo Power Glove. (My wife had to explain that to me.) Considering that I use the Star Wars light saber barbecue tongs that she got me for Christmas when we grill, this is another great addition to my nerd grilling gear.

Finally, there’s a card previewing what’s coming next month. On the one hand, there’s going to be something from the upcoming Superman vs Batman vs the Audience movie that’s out this month. That’s a movie that I have zero interest in seeing, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t result in a cool collectible. There’s also supposed to be Game of Thrones and Karate Kid stuff in the box. So, clearly it’ll be an eclectic collection.

A few days ago, we received this month’s Kitnip Box, and it’s adorable.

As usual, the card listing the theme and contents lay on top of the nicely-wrapped toys. I think it says something that a box full of cat toys seems wrapped with care, whereas a box full of nerd toys feels like it was just thrown into the box. Not that it matters; the toys are everything.

As you can see, the theme is science and technology. The first toy is a cute catnip flying saucer from Think Cat. It’s a big, puffy toy, which is the sort of thing Rumplestilskin tends to prefer. 

Next is the Kitten Little catnip… cat from PetMate. It’s a smaller toy, and pretty light, so it has high potential for being batted into the air and across the room. (More so than the flying saucer, ironically.)

Perhaps the big hit out of the box so far is the Crinkle Cell, also by Think Cat. Gizmo started playing with it as soon as everything was unpacked.

And a day later, we caught Rumplestilskin also being adorable with it.

We also got a catnip pillow with a bell from Delca County. After the crinkle cell, this was the next toy Gizmo decided to play with (although not when I had the camera pointed at him at any point).

Rumplestilskin seems to prefer the Safemade Catnip Ring Toy with Tail as a pillow more than anything else.

In our house, we have door handles instead of knobs. Recently, Gizmo learned how to open the door to the pantry, so we have to keep it blocked with a chair. So we’re not sure how we feel about a toy that encourages them to play with a doorknob like the Safemade Doorknob Mouse. We’ve hung it on an open door, but I haven’t seen anyone playing with it yet.

Finally, we got a bag of freeze-dried turkey treats from Simply Nourish. Those proved to be a big hit, with even picky eater Rumplestilskin eating them. (How his delicate tummy is handling them is difficult to tell, but nobody seems to have had truly severe diarrhea since eating them. So we have hopes.)

Overall, it looks like this month’s toys will be pretty popular in our house. And they make for great photo opportunities.

As I write this, my next Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box is supposed to be on its way. So expect to hear about that in an upcoming blog. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed hearing about the contents of these boxes. If you subscribe to any subscription boxes you think might be of interest to me, please let me know in the comments. 

See you next week!

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